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Please stay safe!

Everyone be good to one another and I don't mean in a "pretend to be nice to each other's face while you're screaming inside" kind of way.  (IF someone is screaming in your face, however, do what you need to do to take care of yourself.)

I plan on attending the Sister march in Rhode Island as I can't go to D.C. (my fault for waiting too long to make up my mind. But Providence is cool.)

I haven't been able to write partly because of my part time seasonal job and partly because - I haven't known where to begin (rage, grief, etc.) And not just because of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael. (At some point I'll talk about that stuff too.)

With all the news about Russia lately and it's ownership of LJ and it's ties to the incoming adminstration that I've blithely ignored until recently,* I've copied my LJ posts over to my Dreamwidth account. But I haven't mastered formatting over there (mostly, how to do cut tags properly. So I've got these long threads over there and it's still a mess.)

Crossposted to LiveJournal:
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This morning I marked 5 comments in my inbox to be deleted - and LJ deleted 900.


Granted that solves my problem of having 900+ entries in my inbox but that wasn't what I wanted it to do! That 900 included some lovely recent PM's & conversation from y'all I'd been saving on purpose, birthday listings, how-to advice. In fact it deleted EVERYTHING except stuff I'd red flagged as "important" - about 21 comments.

(ok so maybe the fault isn't with LJ; maybe I clicked on a box that said "delete all" without paying proper attention. I am woman enough to admit it. albeit in small font.)

Damnity damnity damn damn it.
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I may be a slacker, but Buffy isn't:

1) I was reading an elegant post-series btvs ensemble drabble by my friend Ray [ profile] kerkevik_2014 & he informed me that he couldn't access my journal from the library computer where he is (Scotland) because my site had been "censored". Me? Little ol' white bread good girl me? Censored?


2) [ profile] fttstar07 posted part 3 of her Getting To the Truth series re: Buffy's feelings for Spike in S7. Fun. (Granted, she posted a month ago but better late than never, right?)

3) An additional reminder, don't forget to vote for your favorite Faith icons at the [ profile] slayerstillness Challenge 18. I encourage y'all to not wait until the last minute *cough* because apparently LiveJournal is going to be out of commission for some updates around, say, 6pm EST in the US. (Hopefully, maybe, they'll get that little "failure to send notifications" problem fixed? Pretty please?)

4) And finally: [ profile] norwie2010's birthday was the other day, which gives me the perfect excuse to post some icons for his favorite episode, "Anne", which is also my favorite season opener alongside Bargaining. "I'm Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?" just might be the most sublime Buffy moment in the entire series.

As always, snag 'em if you want 'em just give proper credit.

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Firstly: Thank you everyone who sent me the wonderful birthday wishes last week in the form of messages or as gifts in your journal. It really meant a lot to me, and made turning 46 a lot more fun than I'd anticipated. It was a lovely, low-key day: my sweetie took me out to the new Thai restaurant in the area we'd recently heard about; and she bought me a tin of one of my favorite teas from Harney and Sons, "Bankok" (green tea with lemongrass, ginger, vanilla and coconut flavors.) A cup of that before bed is now my nightly ritual.

If you posted birthday wishes or a gift on your journal and I have not thanked you yet, it means one thing: LJ is SCREWING UP notifications and I don't know about it. (I've gotten a grand total of one notification in the last 30 days.) I thought it was just me until I just happened to see that [ profile] velvetwhip posted a complaint about it on her LJ, just happened to find a lovely birthday message and graphic that she posted for me; and then just happened to see [ profile] comlodge make a remark about having trouble posting a gift banner (which is utterly gorgeous) she'd made for me, and I'm thinking, "What? What is this gift we speak of?" Then today I just happened to see [ profile] kikimay's birthday graphic for me with a cap of Buffy receiving her umbrella in The Prom which gives me so many feelings, as well as several other times she name-checked me, and that's not counting the times other folks like [ profile] eilowyn or [ profile] kwritten have name-checked me, etc.

Folks, I'm all for "happenstance" and "serendipity" - but not on a social networking site. Not when people are making me gifts and wishing me happy birthday, or giving me free PR by referencing my posts. I want to know about this stuff because to NOT stop by and say "THANK YOU" is just plain damn rude, IMO. That said, I know that children are starving in Africa - starving all over the world in fact - and I'm sitting her whining like a priviledged American white gal. (Which I happen to be, but nevermind.)

If [ profile] kerkevik_2014 hadn't PM'd me about a completely charming and sexy Tara/Faith drabble he wrote for me, I never would have known about it. Sweet, sexy, taking-command Tara is pure catnip to me - and being the gentle guide for a suddenly-shy and insecure Faith? OH YES PLEASE.  It's easy to forget that Tara possessed a core of strength and confidence even if we rarely saw it before S6. Remember, she is the one who pursued Willow - NOT the other way around. I was a just-out lesbian in the '90's, just before the show came on tv and I know how much courage that would have taken at that time (and probably still does.)

SO - if you've mentioned me or have made a prezzie for me, or just something you think I might like to see, please don't be shy about PM'ing me until this notification nonsense gets straightened out.

SECONDLY: [ profile] comlodge told me that the aforementioned Buffy tribute banner she made for my birthday was inspired by my recent "happy birthday Buffy" post and that in itself is the best present. If I can make someone else see Buffy and her world through my eyes even a little, not by shouting or arguing or arm-twisting, but simply by loving her and sharing what she means to me, then that makes me incredibly happy. [ profile] comlodge's banner reflects what so much of what I love about Buffy - the girl, the woman, the warrior; daughter, sister, friend and lover. Her's is an incredible journey.

Speaking of incredible journeys: [ profile] kwritten posted an insanely gorgeous Buffy, Anya, Willow, Dawn/Faith fic, "Oh, You're Here Too?" set immediately post-Chosen. Anya offers Buffy friendship and solace after the battle. Not AU. She wrote it for a prompt from [ profile] kikimay but it reflects so much about how I see Buffy in that immediate period about 1000X better than I could hope to. It's a short story but it takes the reader on a complete journey that feels novelistic, in a series of short scenes: from Buffy's trauma and dissociation, the fatigue and inability to process everything after the battle in the Hellmouth, to a place that feels "warm, (un)finished, (in)complete" as Buffy contemplates the "the unknown future" before her, in the company of beloved friends and family.
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[ profile] slaymesoftly mentioned in a recent comment that she couldn't find the little pencil icon to edit one of her replies, and I'm pretty sure it was there "before". (Before when? IDK.) I could be mistaken. I've asked all sorts of questions on the FAQ page, fed in keywords, gone over my settings etc. Anyone have any ideas how to return that function to comments?

ETA: [ profile] rahirah seems to have found the answer - until next time I can't figure LJ out.

Thanks muchly  - and help yourself to a cookie.

                                                I mean this kind of cookie, silly.                                       Not this kind.

(Oh don't look at me that way. I've been waiting to make that joke for a whole year.)
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The other day I finally decided to check out that "My Guests" function on LJ and realized, dear goddess, I'm becoming one of THOSE people.  A Stats Hussy.  (As my friend Lady M told me years ago, "A whore does it for money, a hussy does it for free.")  Not that there's anything wrong with that, or anything.
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unable to get cluster reader: 9 at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 2490.

 Anyone recognize what the heck this is? This line was filling up my inbox on repeat and I deleted it a few times thinking it was spam, before it occured to me that it might be replacing some of my messages. (DAMN IT.) Is LJ trying to FORCE me to switch permanently to DW?  'cause losing my inbox messages is killing my warm and fuzzy Christmas mood.
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How do I create box of link on my LJ and DW pages (linking back to one another or any other site)?  I've looked in settings on both and no dice.  (Or is there a tutorial-type website that covers a lot of these questions?)

At some point I will get back to those meta on Anne and dopplegangers in the 'verse.  I swear I will.
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Can anyone tell me how to post images to my DW posts?  Or, add images to DW posts when I begin with LJ?  When I posted on LJ about winning at the SunnyD fanfic awards on Monday, the text transferred to DW but the image/award didn't.  (There is this icon for "image" on the rich text version and it wants a url.  Most of the images I post don't have url's, and I don't see an option for simply downloading from my harddrive.)

I guess the overarching lesson here is - originate posts at DW first?  ( "But Mommy, I like LJ.  I'm used to it and it's pretty!"  I never claimed to be logical.)

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So I went with Woodcut Winter (because you were dying to know that, right?)  I almost went with Weston Grey, which it turns out is the one [ profile] gabrielleabelle used; I have a weird thing about not wanting to use the same font I associate with someone else's well-known/well-traveled (in my head at least) LJ.  And I wasn't sure about the times-roman style font.  Carson, Minimalist and Unity all had very clean (if slightly cold) graphics and readable ariel font.  But I've only seen one other person use Woodcut in my little corner of LJ acquaintance, and it has a similar warmth and elegance to Weston.

And I love history and the antique enough for the design to still appeal to me (although my preoccupation is more 19th century, specifically the last quarter of the century, the fin de siecle, than the 18th century.)  

Thank you [ profile] kikimay[ profile] pocochina, and [ profile] readerjane for your recommendations. (I told you I know how to waste time.  Lots and lots of it.)
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ETA 11/18/12 :  I've decided to go with Blue Woodcut for now, although it doesn't use Ariel-style font (or have tags in a column.  I can deal.)  It's actually quite similar to the Weston series template [ profile] gabrielleabelle used but is not completely identical, and rarely seen (at least in this corner of the Buffy-fandom sandbox I play around in.)  And: pretty.  Easy on the eyes counts for a lot. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. 


Exactly what the title says: I chose this particular template because it had: black print on white ground (hey, I'm getting older, kids - readability?  It's an issue - and if it is for me, then....); color around the edges to catch the eye; fairly clean and simple graphic layout; and, the tags were visible.  (The template I originally chose was nice, but tags were not visible, so why even bother?)

But - now it's starting to irk me. It feels as though the text is squeezed in too narrowly, and thus my icon becomes more prominent right at the top of each post (or maybe I need to downsize my icons), which distracts my eyes visually when I put a photo at the top of the post.

So, if anyone can recommend another layout - and, oh yeah, it has to be one of the free ones. 

I'm not "fussy" - I prefer "particular", thanks muchly.

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