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In case you haven't seen it, my contributio the Big Damn Love Fest, a meta on "Ted" (2.11) is up  You can find it here on DW  (I've also posted it here on my LJ if you prefer; although I encourage folks to vist the BDLF to see the other great entries.)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go give the Summers women some hugs.
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Title: The Tides
Fandom: The Hours (2003 movie)
Pairing: Laura Brown/Virginia Woolf
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None 
An AU take on what Laura Brown experiences when she goes to the hotel in the movie. Because I'd only seen the movie the once, I'd completely forgotten that she went to a posh hotel instead of the dingy motel I described. Again - AU.  Humor me
I wrote this story in 2003 but never posted it anywhere; it was inspired by the movie version of "The Hours"; I hadn't yet read Michael Cunningham's novel. When I wrote this I was just emerging from a writer's block of ten years; or more precisely, from a refusal to allow myself to write. The friend to whom I had dedicated this story has been long gone from my life and I'd forgotten it still existed on my harddrive; but Virginia Woolf came up in a conversation  [livejournal.com profile] kikimay  were having recently, and she expressed interest in reading this. Parts of it make me cringe but overall, I can live with it. (What's really freaks me out is how much of this reminds of Buffy, circa S6. *hugs Buffy and Laura*)

What was the proper ensemble to wear when abandoning one's family? )
She’d been in this place before.  Contemplating the end, feeling herself drowning...
Yes, she’d come to this motel before, if not this exact room.  But it didn’t matter.  This one looked exactly like the last one, she was certain.  She imagined every room here must look the same, lined up within grey concrete-block walls in a neat row; all alike, just as the houses on Sunnyvale Road were - all alike. 
There were the same curtains and bedspread, a once-cheerful shade of yellow faded by too much sunlight and too many washings.  The same heavy, ugly furniture, every piece of it bolted down, even the lamps.  Who’d want to take it?  The same black plastic ashtrays, the same nicotine stains on the ceiling.  She wondered if similar stains of another substance also graced the mattress.
And she knew, without looking, that the same palm-sized, green-covered copies of the New Testament rested in the nightstand drawers, offering salvation to no one.
The only thing that marked this room as distinct from any other, in fact, was her own presence there; her brown monogrammed suitcase on the thin carpet next to the door, patiently waiting to be unpacked.  Her shoes, summer espadrilles, lying on their sides by the bed where she had removed them.  Her own body laid out neatly on the bed, arms stiff at her sides, legs closed, as if afraid to claim any more space for herself there than necessary.
She caressed her well-worn copy of Mrs. Dalloway, the only object that held any meaning for her, laying it on her belly and feeling her breath rise and fall more distinctly because of the book’s slight weight.  Tenatively, she spread her arms over the width of the bed.  Would she feel that rush come over her again, feel the wave rise up to consume her, as she had before?  She had resisted it, then; would she let it complete it’s work, now?
Was she contemplating the ending, or the beginning?
“They are one and the same, my dear girl.  You don’t know that yet but soon, soon you will.” 
Laura thought she should have been surprised by presence of the other woman, but wasn’t; and found that, in itself, oddly comforting.  The gentle voice was a further comfort, low and rich and tinged with cigarette smoke; every sound and syllable pronounced as distinctly as a jeweler cuts a diamond.  Still, she did not—could not—turn her head to face her unexpected companion.  It was enough right now just to breathe.  Feel the weight of the book on her belly, rising, falling, rising again…a miracle.  Just breathe.
She thought, perhaps, if she remained silent, the other woman might also.  That they could remain in deep silence until darkness settled itself in the room. Or until that tide came, yes, and when would it come? 
“What do you want?” 
“I don’t know. “  Would the water be cold, like it was the last time she’d nearly drown in it?  When you drown, Laura mused abstractly, is it the water in your lungs or the cold that kills?
“Of course you know.”  The woman’s voice was grave, but there was a hint of sly mockery to be found there, as if she were indulging a petulant child.  “Why else would you be here?  Why else would you leave your family?  Leave that strong, dependable husband, those beautiful babies, leave them behind for – what?  For what, Laura?”
Laura turned her head to her right, where the woman sat on the edge of the mattress. A long face, “patrician” Laura supposed it was called. Lively almond-shaped eyes splashed that darted about the room and defied sleepy-seeming lids.  Mousy hair, neither brown nor blond, pinned into an uncertain bun at the nape of her neck.  Shapeless, unfashionable tan cotton housedress of the sort Laura remembered her mother wearing, with orange ribbon trimming a square neckline; a fraying brown cardigan, though the weather seemed too warm to require it.  A teardrop-shaped pendant of angel coral on a long sterling chain was the one concession to any conception of feminine adornment.
Laura suddenly became too-aware of the tightness of her own green organdie dress, the scratchiness of her petticoat, the discomfort of her girdle.  She felt distinctly overdressed; but, what was the proper ensemble in which to abandon one’s family? 
“Not the sort of the advice to be found in latest issue of The Ladies Companion, I take it?”  The tone of mockery was front and center now.  The woman sucked the end of a hand-rolled cigarette, and blew a long stream of grey smoke through a tiny opening in unpainted lips.
“How did you know –“
The woman shrugged and waved her hand dismissively.  “I know you, very well.  I know you, Laura Brown.”
“How could it be otherwise?” Long, slender fingers reached out and stroked the worn cloth cover of Mrs. Dalloway, still resting on Laura’s stomach.  Stroked it back and forth, lightly, and Laura felt the touch in every inch of her own skin.  She trembled. “I know you because you know me; you’ve held me in your heart for a long time.  Held me closer, perhaps than your own husband or children.  Closer than you’ve held yourself.  That’s the problem, isn’t it?”
Laura shook her head; her lips mouthed silent syllables for a long time before words finally came forth.  “I-I don’t want to feel like this anymore.”
“And what are you feeling, exactly?”

“Like I’m on the edge of something...“
“Too vague, dear. Try to be more precise.”  The woman would not let Laura go easily, oh no.
“Like I’m on the edge of some…chasm…“
“Better.”  Another stream of grey smoke shot out and then dissipated over Laura’s still-prone body.
“…a yawning chasm…“
“ ‘Yawning chasm’?  That’s much more poetic, yes.  ‘Yawning chasm.’  The right words make all the difference, don’t they?”  The woman exchanged her cigarette from left hand to right as she settled herself on the mattress next to Laura, supporting herself on her left elbow.  “But, we’re going off the page again, aren’t we?  Please, do continue.”
Laura looked at her companion.  This strange, demanding woman lying next to her felt warm, radiant, and yet a thousand miles away all at once.  As though she were keeping herself in check, while asking Laura to reveal everything.  Was this woman safe, should she send her away? “I don’t know...“ Laura hedged a little.
“ ‘Yawning chasm’, remember?”
No point not to go on.  Nothing else to do.  “It feels like I’m frozen there, on that edge – stuck – I can’t back away, but I can’t jump in either.”
There followed the first sustained moment of silence since the other woman had arrived there.  “You do know that you still haven’t answered my question, dear girl.  She brought her lips very close to Laura’s ear, curled and pink like a conch shell.  “What do you want, Laura Brown?  What do you want?”
“I – I – “  Tears rolled down her cheeks; it occurred to Laura that her eyes were becoming puffy, that her make-up would be streaked, that she must look rather ridiculous.  Couldn’t they just be quiet for a while, couldn’t they just lie there and wait for the cold?
“I shan’t leave you until you do say it.”  She sat up again, took Laura’s hand in her own, and kissed it tenderly.  Laura was surprised by the depth of affection she felt in this woman – and for this woman.  “You know what you want, Laura; you need only name it.  That’s why the words are so important.  But it takes great courage, naming our destinies, giving voice to our desires.”
“I…it...it’s too frightening.”  Laura felt the tide begin to rush upon her in an ice-cold stab.  Here it was, finally – she welcomed it, she struggled against it – couldn’t the other woman feel it too?  She became aware of the soft hand still wrapped around her own, that gave a little velvet squeeze, and she focused on that.  Focused on two hands, together.  “How do I keep from drowning?”
“You don’t.”  Any hint of mockery was gone from that low voice.  Laura’s companion looked down at her with an expression that was almost maternal.  Really loving, the way Laura herself had tried to look for her children.  Were they ever really fooled?  “We all must die at one time or another.  We spend our entire lives rushing towards death, from the very instant we are born.  So then, we might as well live in whatever time we’re given, yes?”  A gentle, wizened smile curled the woman’s lips; she seemed very ancient, indeed.  “Live fully, Laura.  It will be so much better than this shadowy half-life that you’ve condemned yourself to.  I promise you.”
“Virginia –“ She didn’t know how she suddenly knew her companion’s name, whispered it as if she’d always known it.  She didn’t know how.  She didn’t care.
Virginia laid herself down fully on the mattress next to Laura – the springs made no sound when she moved.  She brushed the book off Laura’s belly and let it fall between them; her long fingers reached for the fastenings of Laura’s dress. “Believe me.” She paused, head cocked a little, and Laura understood she was waiting for permission to procede. 
“I want to live.  Truly.”  She breathed out the words, then gulped them back in again like the drowing take in water.  What was this feeling washing over her?  Laura didn’t know what to name it.  She only knew that tears continue to stream down her cheeks.  And, that sure hands were parting the front of her dress, loosening her girdle. 
“Silly contraptions” a voice laughed lightly – and Laura could breathe.  She could breathe.
She impulsively turned on her side and intertwined her fingers into Virginia’s hair, already somewhat messy, and ran her hands down to unlock the bun found at the nape of the neck.
Virginia smiled, but Laura thought she saw – what, exactly, did she see in those hooded, darting eyes?  So hard to tell – a thousand shades of meaning seemed to reside in them, shades Laura had no name for.  She wanted to know every one of those shades.  She wanted to abide in those eyes for a long, long time.
“I want to live.”
“Of course you do.”  Virginia’s low, velvet laughter wrapped itself around Laura’s shoulders.  “What else is there to want?”
Laura remained there for – for how many hours, she did not count, although she knew from the light that fell on the walls through drawn shades that the sun set, and the sun rose again.  She abided there, lovingly traced her fingers down the spine of Mrs. Dalloway.  She believed her.  And she embraced life.

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 Has anyone ever written a Buffyverse fic in which Giles, not Willow, becomes the Big Bad? The idea occurred to me not long after reading [livejournal.com profile] 2maggie2 's  episode notes for WTTH.  

In the Bronze, Buffy sees Giles up on the balcony, and he calls her attention to the others out there dancing -- she’s separate from them, with a duty to protect them.  (The scene gets called back in season six in Dead Things when Spike adds another layer to Buffy’s fundamental separation from others – but it starts here in the very first episode).

It's not a plot bunny it's a plot puppy - with very sharp teeth )
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  A couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that my meta (*self-pimpage alert!*)   "Dopplegangers"   has been nominated for Best Meta in the  No Rest for the Wicked Awards,  I didn't properly say "thank you".  I had a nice long paragraph of appreciation all typed out on LJ - and that was the week LJ decided to give me shit, and wouldn't let me post more than a couple of sentences. *shakes fist at LJ*

So, thank you very much to the mystery person - and I honestly have no idea who it might have been, but it's appreciated all the same.  I don't think what I've written is even in the same league with some of the other meta that have been nominated, but it's a huge compliment just to be in the same category with the other writers there.  And it's especially gratifying because meta, not fanfic, is what got me into this part of fandom on LJ and what really pulled me into Buffyverse fandom for the first time last year; it was the thoughtful essays and discussions that demonstrated to me that what I'd heard - that there was a TV show with academic journals and conferences devoted to it - was no joke.

NRFTW   is perhaps the first fan awards I've run into that specifically include a category for meta writing.  There are also categories for vids, manips, banners and icons, as well as fics in a variety of fandoms.  The nomination period ends the 31st, so stop over there and spread the love for your favorite fan works.  (It's probably worth mentioning that the nomination periods for the  Absence of Light   and the   Willowy Goodness Awards   will also be ending soon.  I think all of them still have slots that can be filled in various categories.)

I know fan fiction dominates fandom creativity, in this as in other fandoms, but I think it's a shame not to give meta essays some love and recognition as well, particularly given the fact that Buffyverse fandom is the most academic fandom and intellectual fandom of any tv show.  And while I read TONS of fanfic now, meta is still where my heart is, particularly when the writer combines heart and head, intellectual and emotional responses.   There's  Slayage   of course, but those papers are addressed to a very specific audience, one that I never became a part of and whose language I cannot access.
I am speaking from a place of my own inadequacy, of course (health monetary problems forced me to drop out of a masters degree program many years ago, and I never achieved the level of education I imagined I would), but there's a need in me to talk and write about the show, to peel back it's many layers, to hear different viewpoints, without feeling like someone is talking over my head.  Which is ironic, given that the refrain I heard time and again from classmates and even my mom growing up was, "Why do you have to use such long words? Can't you speak English?"
Karma is indeed a bitch, my friends.
So I never got to reside for very long in that vaunted ivory tower, which isn't so very exalted in reality - I have more friends than I can count who are doing better than I am, perhaps, but still just getting by cobbling together a variety of adjunct teaching positions. But watching BtVS awoke something in me that needed more intellectual stimulation, and meta on LJ, DW and various blogs fulfill that quite nicely.
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Did I happen to mention that  [livejournal.com profile] valyssia  made the default icon I've been using for the last couple of weeks, and that she was most gracious when I asked her permission for it?  I am remiss. This was just so gorgeous I HAD to have it - late-seasons Buffy in blues and purples (my favorite colors) in delicate layers and watercolor tints?  What is not to love? Thanks, hon.
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I've been nominated for Round 4 in the  Absence of Light Awards  in the categories Best Drabble,    "Untitled (post -The Gift)"  and "Best Author".  Seriously?  I have no idea who nominated me but THANK YOU!  I'm sure I've said it before but the warm reception I've gotten entering this fandom has been amazing to me; and that folks like that story enough to nominate it warms my heart.  Some of the fandom's best writers and super-cool people (in my limited and not-very-humble opinion) have been nominated but all of the categories except Best Author and Best Overall Angst are still wide open; ten nominees allowed per category, and the nomination period ends January 31st.


If you haven't checked AoL yet, then stop by and fill those remaining slots with your favorite Buffyverse fics on the darker side from 2012. 
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There's a couple of items about Buffy Summers that I've seen in several fanfics and wondered if they were "canon" or "fanon" information. I don't trust my memory, especially when I've probably spent more hours at this point reading fanfiction than actually watching the show. (What that says about me I shudder to imagine.)

By "canon", I am of course referring to BtVS, seasons 1-7 only, not the comics (aka Get behind me, Satan!)

1) Is Buffy's given name "Buffy" or "Elizabeth"?  I've read "Elizabeth Anne Summers" used in several fanfics and it feels like it might have been mentioned somewhere in S1-3 on the show, if at all?
Actually, I just wanted an excuse to post this screencap. But while you're here:
2) Does Buffy refer to herself in third person at any other point on the show except for Life Serial: "stupid Buffy" "freak Buffy"?  A lot of stories have her refer to herself in this way, usually when she's berating herself, although generally not while drunk. (For someone who can't hold her liquor she seems to drink quite a lot of it in LS. Slayer metabolism, apparently.) 

Also, she generally does so whilst kicking herself mentally over something regarding Spike, so do early season/Bangel 'ship writers have her referring to herself in this manner as well?

No, no further questions; I just love SMG in this episode so damn much I can hardly stand it. I mean - come on, Giles, how can you resist that face? Buttons and puppies are weeping in envy.  Now do your duty to your Slayer and hand her the check without making her feel like it's an act of charity on your part. 

I love Giles, I do. But damn it, he can be an ass sometimes.
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 (And first off, apologies that my formatting here is all over the map.  And I thought LJ was a bitch. Now on the the happy...)

 1) A very happy birthday to local_max (William) today!  I'm very much hoping (when life settles down and the stars align properly) that in the new year we'll be seeing more fics and metas from him, as well as the continuation of the episode reviews on 2maggie2's LJ, to which he adds fresh and provocative insights. His contribution begins with ep 1.05, "Never Kill A Boy on the First Date".   He only has two short buffyverse fics at the moment, both told from Willow's POV: "Closure" is mournful and quietly devastating ("angst" doesn't seem the right word for what he does here), while "Hanakuh Present" is twisty and wicked "oh no you didn't!" fun.

(I don't want to cause you embarrassment, m'dear, but you deserve every word single word of praise.)

2) As a newbie fan to BtVS, I came to the show this year totally unaware of 'ships, 'shipper wars, Spike wars, factions and fractures, etc (and, holy sweet potatoes, the sheer volume of porn!) And am basically rather glad that I missed most of it, to be honest, even if I also missed the boat on the two most fertile periods of fan interaction and creativity so far: during the show's run; and the renewal of interest and activity after the 10th anniversary of WTTH's original airing, or about 2007-2010.

That said, rahirah's metas and commentary on Buffy fandom have been remarkably helpful to give me a brief, incisive run-down on this fandom's history, politics, and personalities. (And that's just the start of her extraordinary contributions to this fandom from "back in the day", including and especially the her epic Barbverse. ) I'm not sure how I missed her comments posted on 12/18  until yesterday, but I think they need to be read by everyone in the fandom, and probably everyone in any fandom. And then taped up to the side of my computer as a reminder to pause, hit delete, and step away from the keyboard when my "feelings" on any subject or especially a character 'verse start to get out of hand, and "Principals" begin to overwhelm my consideration of the people on the receiving end of my rants:

"It's a trifle ironic that a character whose best and noblest trait is her ability to forgive and love her friends, as flawed and fallible as those friends sometimes are, has a fandom that regularly eats its own."  [excerpt, "In Which I Ramble On", 12/18/12]

Very much so.

The sentence above does two things for me personally: First, strikes to the heart of something I have observed in this fandom, that the amount of hatred and lack of forgiveness and understanding for all the characters in the Buffyverse is diametrically opposed to the spirit of the show; we often withhold from these characters the very things they most need, the compassion and tenderness that they long for and lack.  There is more than a shade of difference between holding someone accountable for their own actions and holding it against them forever - an important theme throughout the show, played out in astonishing ways particularly in S7. Is this a reflection of our own lack of compassion for others in real life - or a loud and lusty cry for compassion from others, albeit one that is most like to keep that very thing out of reach?

Second, and I hope Barb will forgive me for this, her summation warms my Buffy-loving heart like a cup of hot cocoa (with extra marshmallows) because yes, as much as I can love or empathize with a fictional character I do love and admire Buffy Anne Summers, in all of her fierce and bitchy, self-absorbed and self-sacrificing glory. And I'm more interested in sharing who and what I love about the show or am interested in exploring further. Yes, I will and do seek out metas that express their love for her, for other characters of the show, for viewpoints I share and identify with. Comfort loves company as much as misery does. And yes I will continue to seek out meta analysis that challenges me to enlarge and redefine my own viewpoints.  If I find meta or fic that rubs me the wrong way because their viewpoint is very far removed from my own, or I get involved in those toxic conversations that Barb describes, "I'm right and you're wrong and here's why!" I'll make a greater effort press the back button and go elsewhere. 

Just, please, for the love of Buffy, keep me away from the fandom wars, the 'shipping wars, the whomever-or-whatever wars. If you love Riley, or ship Buffy/Angel, then follow your heart and do so to the "top of your bent". I'll be over here with my arms wrapped around S5-7 as tightly as I can, including Dead Things (especially Dead Things). I'll tell anyone in earshot that S4 is underrated (Cave!Buffy for the win!), rewatch S1-3 and - who knows? Maybe, someday, I'll even learn to like Angel. Stranger things have happened.  (Just don't hold me to that last one, ok?)
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unable to get cluster reader: 9 at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/Talk.pm line 2490.

 Anyone recognize what the heck this is? This line was filling up my inbox on repeat and I deleted it a few times thinking it was spam, before it occured to me that it might be replacing some of my messages. (DAMN IT.) Is LJ trying to FORCE me to switch permanently to DW?  'cause losing my inbox messages is killing my warm and fuzzy Christmas mood.
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First things first - my apologies to any English majors, teacher and professors or lovers of the language for my punctuation abuse in the title of this post. What did those poor innocent exclamation points ever do to me? Secondly, I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday - whatever you choose to celebrate or nothing at all. Christmas, Kwaanza, Solstice, Chanakuh "which is not THAT major a holiday on the Jewish calender but is getting swallowed up in the capitalist orgy of modern Christmas, darn it!" (So says a friend of mine.) Whatever, I'm easy. (Thirdly, I'm still having trouble with the "cut tags", damnit, so - apologies for taking up your Friends' Page, m'dears.)

Normally my Inner Scrooge doesn't go in for "warm and fuzzy Christmas fanfics", but as with any other trope or sub-genre, if it's well-written - superb characterization that is true to canon, a well-crafted plot, plausibility, atmosphere, spare and elegant prose, etc - I can be convinced.  I can be seduced. Also, today I got pajamas, chocolate, and a gorgeous new fluorescent yellow biking jacket that can be seen a mile away. (If that doesn't inspire me to get this leg injury healed so I can get back on my  horse  bike, nothing will.) Ergo, I'm in a sharing mood. My Inner Scrooge can go deal.

[livejournal.com profile] ozma914's  Buffybot's Secret  has all of that (the characterization, et cetera, not the biking jacket.) The Buffybot ("Bottie") celebrates her very first Christmas in ozma's post-Chosen, "Four Friends" 'verse featuring Dana, Tara, Buffybot and OC Slayer Kara at the new Slayer School. Tara (in the form of a not-quite-ghost) and Buffybot were resurrected by the same spell that healed Dana's mind. (Don't ask me how, I haven't gotten there yet either - LJ makes it a bitch to try go back in time. Just, roll with it, 'kay?) 


Oh Buffybot. If you don't know about my boundless love for the 'Bot, you haven't been paying attention. I could go on forever about how a potentially-disastrous concept pays such big dividends on BtVS, thanks mostly to Sarah's performance.  Somehow ozma manages to capture her spirit and voice - charmingly childlike, inadvertently funny, and surprisingly sympathetic - on the page, while using her as a vehicle to explore what it means to be "human" in ways the show didn't even attempt. And I do offer apologies to all the other fanfic writers reading this whose works I also treasure dearly; I'll spread the love very soon, but I meant to add this to my post yesterday.
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I found this personality quiz i [livejournal.com profile] ozma914's LiveJournal.  

I shoulda known.  Willow was the first character I actually identified with on the show. Well, her and the Invisible Girl hose name I have shamefully and ironically forgotten. ETA: Velvetwhip reminded me that her name is Marcie Ross.)  As it turns out, [livejournal.com profile] ozma914 s Tara.  Or was in '08.  I wonder if that makes him my soulmate? (Which might be complicated, as I am actually a lesbian but, unlike Willow, I can't do magic.) I'm kind of dying to see wh [livejournal.com profile] local_max urns out to be, just for fun.

Speaking o [livejournal.com profile] ozma914, I've got recs for three of his marvelous short btvs fanfics, out of many:
"She Would be Thirteen".  Superb. Xander, sometime post-Chosen, deals with one of the most difficult aspects of being a new Watcher. I'm trying to branch out a bit in my fanfic and meta reading because I'm pretty well burned-out on Spuffy fics for the moment, and it's a challenge to open myself up to understanding the boy a bit. This story is sad (angsty?) but not bathetic or sentimental; very true to canon characterization - I can imagine NB in this - which is one of my biggest criteria for fanfiction; and packed with layers of meaning and subtext in a very short pace of time. It reads somewhat like a prose poem; not a single wasted word here.

For something on the lighter side: Did you think that Joyce (the lovely Kristine Sutherland) was hideously underused on the show? Did you want to see more of life in Sunnydale from her perspective?  Or wish they had bothered to tackle some of the realities of being a single working mom?  I know I did.  "To Start the Day" s one of the few, and like "She Would be Thirteen", it's spare and lovely, humorous, very much true to character. There's just not enough Joycean fanfic, IMHO.  (See what I did there?)

And from "light" to damn downright cracky, his Dawn-centric fic "A (Somewhat Less Than) Forever Love" has one of my favorite Dawn/Spike reunions in fic, in two short lines of dialogue. Meanwhile, Dawn and Buffy deal with all of Buffy's past boyfriends. Xander, Willow, Giles and Faith make brief appearances.  Giles cleans his glasses. Xander (almost) drools. Faith wears leather. Dawn snarks and fumes; Buffy chooses her words poorly. Angel, Spike and Riley are pretty damn petty, just the way I like them.

Happy holidays, everyone - whatever you observe, if you observe anything at all.  Peace and blessings to all.
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 And LiveJournal is down for repairs for the SECOND time this week. *sigh* No wonder people are abandoning it.

(And what is this, now?  Down twice in one evening?)
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[livejournal.com profile] mcjulie's poll for OMWF is finally up on her LJ (if you recall, she took over the task fro [livejournal.com profile] gabrielleabelle). So - go, people!  Participation is love!  

ETA: I had some of the links wrong for the previous polls - all fixed now.  Polls for S5 starting with "Tough Love" (one of my all-time favorites) can be found here; polls for S6 here. The last one was for All the Way, which gets overlooked because it's sandwiched between two much-loved episodes but is a really good episode in it's own right and unfairly overlooked. (The scene in which Dawn has to stake the first boy (vampire) she's ever kissed?  Like Slayer, like sister.)


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Laura Wortley wrote, in her 1996 biography of artist Lucy Kemp Welch (1869 -1958), suffragette and illustrator of the definitive 1915 edition of "Black Beauty", that she painted "horses, not horseflesh" (emphasis mine).  That is, she depicted them as vital, independent beings, not merely extensions or possessions of their human owners. She preferred to paint the draft horse over the thoroughbred, "the natural type," she once explained, "fashioned by nature and not by man - full of faults, variable, beautiful, and lovable beyond words." (Wortley, pg 142.)

I always think of Welch when I look at my sweetie's paintings or sculptures of animals, be it of horses (she specialized in equine painting while attending art school in CT), dogs, bison or, in this case, chickens. Judy has a wonderful understanding of animals, from years of working with them, careful observation and study, and, most importantly, love.

So we posted her latest painting, just finished a few days ago, on ebay last night.  As usual, she sighed "it's a stupid painting" when she finished it. I insisted "the colors are clean and bright, the brushstrokes are fluid and painterly, the composition is perfectly balanced. And it's cute! Someone will want to buy it."  "Cute" is a word that i guaranteed o make her cringe, as it is apparently akin to the eight deadly sin - or the first, in terms of her art.  Too bad, I say. "Someone will want to buy it."

Occasionally, I actually win the day - and I'll take any victory, however small

ETA: a friend has informed me it's actually a "hen", not a "chicken". Not that I'd know - city girl, and all.


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I don't know why it hadn't occured to me until now that I could do this (being Buffy-centric in my focus here) but once again my S.O. has put up a number of her paintings on ebay.

She's always certain nothing will sell - and something always does, but it takes patience and lots of relisting.  The furthest afield was a buyer in Austria.  She's also positive she "can't paint" but she keeps plugging at it because she has to, because it's a part of her - and because she's stubborn.  (I doubt any praise or feedback from me helps much in that regard.)geenpep1000pwebay
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How do I create box of link on my LJ and DW pages (linking back to one another or any other site)?  I've looked in settings on both and no dice.  (Or is there a tutorial-type website that covers a lot of these questions?)

At some point I will get back to those meta on Anne and dopplegangers in the 'verse.  I swear I will.
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Can anyone tell me how to post images to my DW posts?  Or, add images to DW posts when I begin with LJ?  When I posted on LJ about winning at the SunnyD fanfic awards on Monday, the text transferred to DW but the image/award didn't.  (There is this icon for "image" on the rich text version and it wants a url.  Most of the images I post don't have url's, and I don't see an option for simply downloading from my harddrive.)

I guess the overarching lesson here is - originate posts at DW first?  ( "But Mommy, I like LJ.  I'm used to it and it's pretty!"  I never claimed to be logical.)

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So the winners of the 27th Round of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards have been announced (check out the full list here) and my first ever Buffy fanfic "Untitled (post-The Gift)" is Runner-Up for "Best Angst - Gen"!  


It took me a moment or two before my brain registered that - in a fandom full of talented and passionate writers, some of whom have been active in fandom since the "back in the day", my little scribble got the silver medal, never mind being nominated in the first place. This is the first award I've won for my writing since senior year of high school, for my poetry.  And from a jury of my peers - which doesn't even seem the right term because, again - newbie to the fandom here.

THANK YOU to everyone who nominated me to begin with and voted for me.  Speechlessness is not my usual M.O. so - just thank you. (And special thanks to fellow winners [livejournal.com profile] velvetwhip n [livejournal.com profile] spuffy_luvr ho were the first to give me the heads-up and congratulations.)  

Right now my brain, being My Brain, is split between my inner Sally Fields (or maybe my inner Willow? "That was nifty!"), bouncing in my chair like a teenager in the front row of the Beatles' first concert in the US, whilst trying to affect my inner Daniel Osborne: "Huh.  Cool."  

Oh, screw the cool affectation for a moment: This IS nifty!

Congratulation to all the winners, some of whom are already on my flist and include some of my favorite writers, including the aforementione [livejournal.com profile] velvetwhip n [livejournal.com profile] spuffy_luvr  [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy [livejournal.com profile] snowpuppies  [livejournal.com profile] rebcake, and the list goes on. 


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